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Michael Monroe - The King of Finland

Matti Antero Kristian Fagerholm  OR Michael Monroe, if you like first showed up on my radar as the lead singer for Hanoi Rocks , who, to be fair, were one helluva band , but like another favourite of mine Jetboy, they couldnt seem to crack the states huge, for some bizarre reason



Hanoi Rocks broke up in 1985, Monroe decided to go solo , But first Monroe was asked by Steven Van Zandt to record backing vocals in London and then fly to New York to appear on his song "Sun City" and in its music video. Monroe agreed and recorded backing vocals for the song, and both can be seen in the music video



After moving to NYC  and forming his first band  In 1987, he released his first solo album, Nights Are So Long. The album was a sort of a  hit, but it attracted big record labels: In 1988, Monroe signed to Mercury Records. In 1989, Monroe's second solo album was released, titled Not Fakin' It. The album featured guest appearances by Monroe's friends and fellow musicians, including Steven Van Zandt, Ian Hunter and Nasty Suicide. The album reached number 161 on the US Billboard Charts,  Music videos were shot for the singles "Dead, Jail or Rock 'N' Roll" and "Man With No Eyes".Axl  appeared in the music video for "Dead, Jail or Rock 'N' Roll". At that time, Michael Monroe also hosted MTV's Headbangers Ball where he got to show the new videos 


Monroe's solo career didn't prove to be as successful as he'd hoped, so in 1990 he decided to put together a new band. The band was called Jerusalem Slim, and was completed by former Billy Idol-guitarist Steve Stevens, Sami Yaffa, Greg Ellis and Ian McLagan.
In 1991, Monroe was asked by Guns N' Roses to appear on their Use Your Illusion I album, where he plays the harmonica and saxophone on the song "Bad Obsession". Monroe also later appeared on GNR's 1993 album, "The Spaghetti Incident?", where he sang on the cover of The Dead Boys' "Ain't It Fun". At the time, Monroe also joined Guns N' Roses on stage performing Honky Tonk Women together with the band members and Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones.

Jerusalem Slim released an album titled Jerusalem Slim but broke up in 1992, due to Monroe and Stevens' musical disagreements. Next, Monroe tried to form another band called Demolition 23. with Yaffa, Jimmy Clark and ex Star Star Guitarist Jay Hening, who was eventually replaced by Nasty Suicide. Demolition 23. did release an album, titled Demolition 23. and they toured until Nasty announced his retirement
During the rest of the 1990s and the early 2000s, Monroe released four more solo albums before re-forming Hanoi Rocks with Andy McCoy.


In 2002, McCoy and Monroe started working together again and decided to reform Hanoi Rocks with two new members on guitar and bass, and with Michael Monroe's solo career drummer, Lacu. Hanoi Rocks released Twelve Shots on the Rocks in 2003. In 2005 Hanoi Rocks released Another Hostile Takeover replacing the two former members with Andy Christell on bass and Conny Bloom on guitar (both formerly of the Electric Boys). In 2007 the band released the album Street Poetry. In 2008 Andy McCoy and Michael Monroe stated that they had taken the band as far as they could, and so they decided to end the band. In April 2009, Hanoi Rocks played 8 AMAZING sold out farewell gigs in 6 days at the Tavastia Club, in Helsinki. The band's original guitarist Nasty Suicide appeared as a special guest on 3 of the last gigs.


Michael Monroe's and Andy McCoys's book All Those Wasted Years was published later in 2009 in Finland, telling the story of Hanoi Rocks from the beginning to the end.
In 2009, Monroe also shared the stage for the first time in many years with Sam Yaffa when his band, the New York Dolls, were performing in Helsinki. After these performances with Yaffa and Ginger, Monroe and Yaffa started discussing the possibility of working together again. In December 2009, Monroe met Ginger again while he was playing in Alice Cooper's band.  After the show, Ginger and Monroe discussed the possibilities of working together, and soon afterwards, Monroe, Ginger and Yaffa decided to line up a band together.


On 25 January 2010 Michael Monroe held a press conference in Los Angeles, where he unveiled his new band featuring Sam Yaffa on bass, guitarist Ginger from The Wildhearts, Todd Youth from Danzig and Samhain on a second guitar, and Jimmy Clarke on drums.  The band started touring on 11 March at San Francisco's Paradise Lounge and toured the US until 21 March. After some of the first shows Todd Youth and Jimmy Clark were replaced by guitarist Steve Conte of New York Dolls and drummer Karl Rosqvist.


During the summer of 2010 Michael Monroe band played a number of festival gigs all over the world,  At the Ankkarock festival in Finland, Steve Conte couldn't perform and he was replaced for this one show with the ex-Hanoi Rocks guitarist, Nasty Suicide. 
On 28 June 2010 it was announced that the Michael Monroe band would be supporting Motörhead on their 35th anniversary UK tour.


The first album of Michael Monroe's new band, the live album Another Night in the Sun was released in September 2010. The album was recorded at the Tavastia Club in Helsinki
In September 2010 the band went into a studio to record their first studio album, Sensory Overdrive. The album was recorded in Los Angeles and it was produced by legendary producer Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, John Lennon). The first single, "78", was released in January and the album is set for release on 14 March 2011

On 9 November 2011, Sensory Overdrive won the "Album of the Year" award at the 2011 Classic Rock magazine awards.


In the fall of 2012 Michael Monroe announced that the band would be back in the studio recording new album released in 2013. By July Steven Van Zandt played the well-received lead single, "Ballad of the Lower East Side," on his radio show almost weekly. On 23 August 2013 the band released Horns & Halos which went straight to number 1 in the Finnish album charts and was certified Gold in four days in Finland.

On 6 March 2014, it was announced that guitarist Dregen was leaving the band to focus on his solo career. He would be replaced by former Black Halos, Amen and Ginger Wildheart guitarist Rich Jones

The latest  album is called Blackout States . It was recorded in March under the guidance of producer Chips Kiesbye in Gothenburg and contains my new favourite RAWK tune "OLD KINGS ROAD" 

Solo albums
Nights Are So Long (1987)
Not Fakin' It (1989)
Peace of Mind (1996)
Life Gets You Dirty (1999)
Take Them and Break Them (2002)
Whatcha Want (2003)
Another Night in the Sun: Live in Helsinki (live album) (2010)
Sensory Overdrive (2011)
Horns and Halos (2013)
Blackout States (2015)

SO there you go , Tell you what, if you aint rocking after them videos , go get ya pulse checked

WELL, go listen to some Monroe whydontya

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The Redneck , Rock n Roll Son of Detroit - KID ROCK

Gday and also HOWZIT?
Once again it a blogaroo about a bloke thats been around a while , yet I've only just begun to really appreciate...yeah its a bad habit I got 

This is the amazing tale of a guy that went from dj'ing at parties in the hood, dodging bullets,  to living in a trouble wide near Nashville shifting musical units hand over fist
Robert James Ritchie, January 17, 1971,  grew up in Romeo, Michigan, a small rural town north of the Detroit metro area. Finding small-town life way beyond tedious, Rock  immersed himself in rap music, learned to breakdance, and began making the talent-show rounds in Detroit. 

 Kid Rock recorded his first demos in 1988, a full decade before, been booted off major label Jive following his Beastie Boys-ish 1990 debut, Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast, and toiled for most of the decade in obscurity, releasing albums to a small, devoted, mostly local fan base while earning his fair share of ridicule around his home state from people that had no right to an opinion

Rock eventually scored an opening slot at a Boogie Down Productions gig. That performance, in turn, led to a contract with Jive Records, which issued Kid Rock's debut album, Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast, in 1990, it was by produced by Kid Rock, Too Short, and D-Nice, . 

Notoriety came calling,  when a New York college radio station aired the album's profanity-laced ode to oral sex, "Yodelin' in the Valley," and was fined over $20,000 (a judgment later reversed). However, shortly after a  tour with Too Short and Ice Cube, Jive ditched Rock

Rock persevered, and by the time rap-metal had begun to attract a sizeable fan base , he had perfected the outlandish, over the top white-trash persona that gave Devil Without a Cause such  personality and made it such an outlandish party record.

Moving to Brooklyn, Rock hooked up with the small Continuum label, and moved his brand of rap further into hard rock with The Polyfuze Method, released in 1993. Reviews were mixed, with some critics praising the record's humor and others laying on the hate , The EP Fire It Up followed in 1994, appearing on Rock's own Top Dog imprint (which was still distributed by Continuum). 
Rock eventually returned to the Detroit area and began work on another album; recorded on a shoestring budget: Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp was released in 1996. Although sometimes forced to sell bootleg dubs of his own records to pay the rent, Rock set about forming a full-fledged backing band, which he dubbed Twisted Brown Trucker. 

While its membership fluctuated early on, rapper Joe C. (born Joseph Calleja) was one of the first to join; a longtime fan and frequent concert attendee, Calleja caught Rock's eye in 1994, partly because of his diminutive stature (due to a digestive condition known as celiac disease, which required both dialysis and extensive medication) and partly because of his encyclopedic knowledge of Rock's song lyrics. The rest of the lineup settled around mostly Detroit-area musicians: guitarists Kenny Olson and Jason Krause, keyboardist Jimmy Bones drummer Stefanie Eulinberg, DJ/turntablist Uncle Kracker (born Matt Shafer, who had been with Rock since the early '90s), and backing vocalists Misty Love and Shirley Hayden.

As rap-metal acts like Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Rage Against the Machine began to dominate the hard rock landscape, Atlantic Records decided to take a chance on signing Rock. Devil Without a Cause didn't do much upon its initial release in August 1998, but a big promotional push from the label and MTV helped make the album's second single and video, 

"Bawitdaba," a nationwide smash. The follow-up, "Cowboy,"(where I came in ) achieved similar success, and suddenly, after a decade of trying, Kid Rock was a superstar with a Top Five, seven-times-platinum album and a gig at Woodstock 1999. 
While pondering how to follow up Devil, Rock acquired the rights to his indie label recordings and remixed or re-recorded the best material for The History of Rock, which was released in the summer of 2000 and featured some new songs as well. 

Sadly, after being forced to take a break from touring a year earlier by his medical difficulties, Joe C. passed away in his sleep on November 16, 2000.

Even with a tragedy like this in his life, Rock continued work on his follow-up to Devil Without a Cause. . His DJ, Uncle Kracker, had a successful solo career during the spring and summer of 2001, leaving Rock without one of his most frequent collaborators. 

Still, by the winter of that year he had completed work on Cocky and had released "Forever" to success on rock radio. In fall 2003, Kid Rock returned with a self-titled effort. A cover of Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love" marked the first single. The cover art to his 2006 live album, Live Trucker, paid tribute to Bob Seger's Live Bullet. Just a year later, the studio record Rock N Roll Jesus came out, landing at number one and selling 172,000 copies in its first week.

Born Free, produced by Rick Rubin and featuring guest appearances by Martina McBride, Trace Adkins, Zac Brown, Sheryl Crow, Bob Seger, James Hetfield, and T.I., arrived in 2010. 

Born Free debuted at number five on the Billboard charts but it didn't generate any hit singles; the title track peaked at 31 on the Rock Songs chart and "Collide," featuring Crow and Seger, didn't fare much better on the Country and Adult Contemporary charts. 

Rock toured in 2011, then set about recording his next album, Rebel Soul, which appeared late in 2012. Entering the Billboard charts at number five, Rebel Soul eventually went gold but spawned no big hits. In 2013, Rock inaugurated his "Best Night Ever" tour, where he capped all ticket prices at $20.00. He moved over to Warner Records in 2014 and started work on his next album......

Album #10  arrived  First Kiss on February 24, 2015  was a full-fledged country record . The lead single, the title track, peaked at No. 66 on the Hot 100, No. 16 on mainstream rock and No. 27 on the hot ac chart. The album featured the Texas rock band Band of Heathens assisting long time band Twisted Brown Trucker. Kid Rock performed "Jesus and Bocephus" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in December 2014.

On July 12, 2017, Rock announced he was running for the U.S. Senate representing Michigan as a Republican. At midnight that night, on July 13, he released two new singles: "Po-Dunk" and the 12-minute "Greatest Show On Earth". He also announced he signed to Broken Bow Records after just one album with Warner Bros.
Oh yeah . he also got hitched to Pamela Anderson....but we wont go into that.

Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast (1990)
The Polyfuze Method (1993)
Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp (1996)
Devil Without a Cause (1998)
Cocky (2001)
Kid Rock (2003)
Rock n Roll Jesus (2007)
Born Free (2010)
Rebel Soul (2012)
First Kiss (2015)

Current Band
Marlon Young - lead guitar, co-writer
Jason Krause - metal guitar
Aaron Julison - bass guitar
Shannon Curfman - rhythm guitar, vocals
Jimmie Bones - organ, harp, keyboard, co-writer
Stefanie Eulinberg - drums
Larry Frantangelo - percussion
David McMurray - tenor saxophone
DJ Paradime - turntables, tambourine, vocals
Hershel C Boone - background vocals
Stacy Michelle - background vocals

Former Members
Kenny Olsen - lead guitar from 1994-2005
Bobby East - lead guitar, bass guitar from 2002-2005
Kenny Tudrick - lead guitar in 2007
Andy Gould- guitar from 1994-1997
Greg Metropolis - bass from 1994-1995
Lonnie Motley - bass from 1996-1997
Mike E Bradford - bass from 1999-2001
Bob Ebeling - drums from 1994-1997
Chris Lebroux - percussion 1996-1997
Smith Curry - Dobro in 2004
DJ Uncle Kracker- turntables, vocals, co-writer 1991-2002
Joseph "Joe C" Calleja - vocals 1994 until death in 2000
Thornetta Davis - background vocals 1996-1997
Misty Love - background vocals 1998-2000
Shirley Hayden - background vocals 1998-2000
Karen Newman - background vocals 2004-2006
Jessica Cowan Wagner-Cowan - background vocals 2007-2015

SO....there you have it , a tale of Rock....seeya 

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quick one today, just thought id tell you about a couple of my recent favourite bands recent 
releases might already have a couple of these , But I just got em 
So anyway lets kick off with 

The albums called



Now its time to get scared ...once again Wednesday 13 is upon us 

with  a new collection of blood soaked brilliance



AND my personal favourite 





and then from late last year 




all truly brilliant tunes in varying degrees of metalosity, all I can say is .....